Saturday, 10 October 2009

Origin - 10th October

Last year when we went to Origin we only went for the one week and didn't get to see both sets of craftspeople/artists, so me, Anna, Hannah and Jenny decided to go both weeks this year so we can see both sets. Even though it did cost me £60 just in train fares for both weeks!
We decided to go on the Saturday and then go with the rest of uni on Thursday the 15th. Annoyingly, Anna and Hannah stayed at hers in Bucks and Jenny went home for the weekend to go from hers. Leaving me to go on my own... very nice.
Anyway I got there WAY before everyone else so I look around. There was some amazing stuff...and I will list below all the artists who I particularly liked. There was a big basketry section which I was quite impressed by. Would love to learn how to do it, not that it would help me much with my course, but would be a nice skill to have! M
aybe something to learn over summer :P

Abigail Brown

Will Evans Jeweller (
Rikke Lunnemann
Heather O'Connor

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