Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Competition Briefing, 6th October

After the worst CCS lecture EVER, as I was feeling quite horrendously ill, I had to go straight to our competition briefing. If I hadn't have been feeling VERY ill, it would have been really interesting.
Daisy gave us all our briefs and explained about them. I was quite impressed at getting a direct brief from Sainsburys when they've never took on a student project before. Nice to know we're the first! I chose the second brief as the site specific one wasn't really giving me much inspiration and I'd have much rather done something to do with crafts more so than a one-off piece of work. Plus, I thought it was a really good opportunity to make some tableware or home accessory to the standard required for the real industry. Quite excited to be doing a live brief with a real life company. It all of a sudden becomes very real. Not so protected and not so molly coddled in university.
After reading through the brief through thoroughly, I decided on doing the tableware section and to produce cutlery. I thought it would be good, if I want to specialise in metal, to do something that is specifically in that field and you don't see much cutlery not made of metal!
Just not sure where to start!!

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