Wednesday, 14 October 2009

First competition Tutorial

I had my first tutorial today and I'd only just managed to pick my theme from the trend pack by the time I had to see her. I only had the summer one and needed the winter one, which I couldn't find ANYWHERE. Luckily I got my hands on one just before my tutorial. I chose "Craft Classic".
I was given some quite good advice, and some useful websites and cutlery companies. I had never thought of looking up the history of cutlery, but it may be helpful, or will at least give me a better understanding of the product in question.
I had a look at the WMF website ({A59E51E4-B0B2-4FB5-A5A3-FE3005C85703}) and there is some quite interesting stuff on there and I also printed off the "Style eras of cutlery" as part of my research. Plus there is some quite interesting work on there.
I also had a gander at the Villeroy and Boch website, ( and there was also some interesting stuff on there, including several designers names. I looked them up and unfortunately, the only stuff they seem to design was already on the website... But hey ho. At least I can get all the pics and info off the website.
I also looked up some mass production processes as I figured if I need to know how to produce cost effective pieces of cutlery so looked up the different processes. Also looked up powder coating as this is the only cost effective way of applying colour to metals.

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