Thursday, 15 October 2009

Origin - 15th October

Went to Origin again, but at least this time I had company. :) Yey. Becky Fraser got the same trains as me so I spent all day with her. I looked what was on other than Origin the night before as I figured whilst we were there we may as well make the most of it. Anyway, the second set of artists were as brilliant as the first but there was a hell of a lot of jewellers and ceramicists this week.
These are the artists I particularly liked:

Adele Brereton
Daniele Geargeoura
Anna Lewis
Michelle McKinney
Sabrina Meyns
Will Odell

After Origin, and randomly bumping into an old friend, me and Becky decided to go to a gallery I'd managed to find online. As Becky decided on doing teapots for her competition brief, I found a little gallery with an interesting exhibition on. This exhibition was quite interesting and we had a chat with the gallery owner and, even though she blabbed on for a very long time she said some helpful stuff.

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