Sunday, 9 August 2009

Liverpool, Monday 27th July

Okay, so these are my photos from Liverpool. I put several on, as I think that there is a fairly good mix of the old, modern and the famous. I think Liverpool has some truly fascinating and so unique, both old and new. I tried to get photos from a wide area of Liverpool, from the "Wig-wam" Church all the way down to the Docks and the Liver Building.
Part of Liverpool One.

Liverpool One again.

Limestreet under construction but looks fascinating next to LJMU Halls.

The view along the River front.

I love this picture with the contrast of new and old buildings. Almost looks photoshopped.

Can't remember what put this is, but such an amazing building.

Again, this building looks like 2 in 1. With the old and new aspects of this building.

The famous "Wig-Wam" Catholic Church. A very unique building.

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