Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Llandudno, 23rd August 2009

Me, mum and dad went to Llandudno just for the day. We originally went to go for a walk and to this craft shop that mum is OBSESSED with! (Something to do with boxes being 10 for a £1 or something... god knows!). Anyhoo, by the time we'd got there and by the looks of the rain clouds it wasn't worth going for a walk so we just had an explore of Llandudno. I forgot how pretty it was. I forgot my camera, because I'm stupid so annoyingly I couldn't take any photos, but I took some rubbish ones on my phone. I may upload them at a later date, I dunno.
But yes, we went to this craft shop for mum which was actually quite amazing... got loads of papers, and craft knives and double sided tape, all paid for by the parents which is even better! Then afterwards we went for a walk round town.
We also went down to the waterfront. I forgot that Llandudno had a pebble beach instead of sand. Brought back so many memories from my childhood. When I was little, me and dad would go onto these kinds of pebble beaches and find nice stones and rocks and bring them home. Not that anything would ever happen to them but you know, we brought them home anyway. That's possibly where my passion for geology came about... hey ho. Anyway, we had a dig around and found some lovely stones which me and mum are thinking of polishing up. Granted, I only have like 5 days to do that in so doubtful I'll do it at home. I'll do it at uni if anywhere!!
But it was a really lovely day. We had lunch/early tea in this lovely restaurant/bar and as we left we saw a little art gallery on in the building opposite. so we went across to have a bit of a gander. It wasn't much but there was some lovely work in there. There was some amazing drawings and paintings that looked almost like photos, and then there were some watercolour/acrylic paintings that had been sewed over the top of using a sewing machine and they were really nice. I wanted to take a photo but lack of camera didn't really help me in that situation. But they were being sold for like £100!!
Anyway, a lovely day on the whole!

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